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Reason No. 2: A space for deep reconnectionimg_0070.jpg

Gugu is a wonderful space for deep reconnection to oneself, to others and to surrounding nature.

We walk bare feet every morning and throughout most of the day. We drink fresh water from the nearby spring and much of our food comes from the land and community that host us. We live by nature’s rhythms of day and night, sun and rain, growth and decay. We laugh, eat, play, work together and we enjoy solitary silence as well. We greet deers, squirrels, pheasants, woodpeckers, snakes, lizards, crickets, butterflies and snails every day. We enjoy what nature gives us and we learn what to add to those gifts with our actions, with as little harm as possible.

Gugu provides us a space for inner and collective dialogue and reflection. A practice of clarity, healing, healthy living and joy.






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