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There are 5 more days for you to contribute to our crowdfunding campaign (click here).  We are deeply grateful to the 23 supporters so far! 

We will post for each of the remaining days a reason why you could support a unique project developing in Western Romania.

Today, No. 1 – Learning and sharing 

We started our experiments with permaculture three years ago and our natural building project last year. Our experiments with new techniques and methods are rather new to most of the country; we learn from practice and we share with others (on the web, in workshops on the site, in public meetings and talks, networking platforms etc.). Our life and work at Gugu is centered around experiential learning and sharing those lessons learned. 

Last week’s lesson: straw bale roof insulation brings excellent temperature comfort in the cottage and provides a wonderful home for mice 🙂 The straw bales were a temporary solution over the past winter. They allowed us to use the cottage during cold days. The mice were very happy to hide between the bales; they managed to chew one of the waterproof sheeting and that (combined with us accidentally puncturing the top waterproof layer in two places) resulted in a leak during the last heavy rains.

Removing straw bale roof insulation

Removing straw bale roof insulation

We removed the bales, consolidated/fixed the two waterproof layers (the one on top being root-proof as well) and we will add the soil + vegetation this summer, to have the wonderful green / living roof we’ve been dreaming of. We’ll keep you posted.



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