thank you, Life!

Ne cerem scuze celor care nu înțeleg limba engleză, sperăm ca Google Translator sa facă o treabă onorabilă.

Dear friends,

It is time to celebrate!

2014 has been a very intense and rich experience in Gugu. Between April and November we were part of a big community, constantly shifting and changing:

– 19 international volunteers from WWOFF and HelpEx (minimum of 2 weeks each for most up to 6 weeks)

– 20 short term working guests

– 17 participants and 2 facilitators while hosting the first 100 hours Permaculture Design Course in Romania (in September)

– neighbors and extended community members, especially the Zece Hotare school staff

– extended family (dog Johnny and cat Portocala)

– the support of 30 contributors to our crowdfunding campaign (April – May)

Together with everyone we managed to plant many seeds of joy:

Garden wise
– started two new garden areas, using raised beds and strawbales,experimenting with improvements of soil fertility and polycultures

– transplanted 150+ forest garden seedlings into their final location, mostly nitrogen fixing shrubs and hardy perennials

-aerated, added nutrients, mulch and protect against browsing all shrubs and fruit trees on the land

Infrastructure wise
– installed the green roof

– trimmed and plastured the cob house (inside & outside)

– built the structure of a living roof in the woods for a multifunctional workshop/dining space

– expanded the temporary shed / summer kitchen

– build a permanent toilet block and humanure storage space
– built a temporary and a permanent minimal shower place
– built a cob oven (first Gugu-pizza and bread, yuhuu!)

Programme & wider community wise
– hosted the first two weeks activity programme and applied knowledge on design of the land: the100 hours Permaculture Design Course

– deepened and shared our daily mindfulness, appreciation and nonviolent communication practices

– identified and eat more than 40 wild edible plants and 10 types of wild mushrooms on the land

– further observed and worked with the land, getting insights for the grand permaculture design to work on next

Whooo….now take a deep breath 🙂 It was intense and beautiful on all accounts, spiced up with our two little girls under 3 years old.

We feel deeply grateful for everyone who contributed this year. We see how a dream that started for us ten years ago materializes more and more into a space of sharing, growth, love and celebration.

Thank you for shaping la Gugu with us and…come again 🙂 we started preparing for 2015 and winter brings us more time to write here, so stay tuned for the photos, news, insights…


Final day. Support integral life.

Our crowdfunding campaign is coming to its end today!

Thank you wholeheartedly for all your support, energy and contributions! We are thrilled and grateful because beyond the money itself, we received your personal messages and encouragement. We see how our dream is taking more and more of a concrete and colorful shape, enriched now by your input. Mulțumim din inimă!

Keep an eye on our blog to see how are we going to make use of the funds raised.


Florence’s (volunteer) beautiful drawing of the cob cottage

Reason No. 5 to support our Gugu project: we (strive to) live an integral life.

At Gugu we are sowing seeds of happiness, both in/on the ground and in our souls. We balance our daily life along five fields of action (details in Romanian) and reflection: physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and social / relational, recognizing the fact that we are complex beings and in permanent interconnectivity with what is around us. We combine our experiences from working with communities across four continents, focusing our daily practices on mindfulness and presence in whatever we do. We do our best to walk the talk and be the change we want to see in the world. At home, in Gugu, we are creating a space where we can experience integral living.


3 days left. Support a hub and open space.

There are 4 more days for you to contribute to our crowdfunding campaign (click here).  We are deeply grateful to the 25 supporters so far!

Reason No. 3 – Support a hub and open space

La Gugu started in 2010 as a family project, with the clear intention to attract and welcome others join on the way. In the past couple of years we’ve received on site support from many volunteers, friends and visitors. At the moment the project is being nourished in different ways by five-six people. Longer term plans include developing a permanent living environment in Gugu – right now we live there about six months / year. The invitation to potential new members (temporary or permanent) is still open. IMG_20140519_151547

The site at Gugu is slowly becoming a hub and meeting space for like-minded people. We are part of a couple networks that promote sustainable living and creative social transition processes; this enables us to share and learn at the same time. We’re working together with others to enhance deep change and transformation.

4 days left. Support deep reconnection.

There are 4 more days for you to contribute to our crowdfunding campaign (click here).  We are deeply grateful to the 25 supporters so far! 

Reason No. 2: A space for deep reconnectionimg_0070.jpg

Gugu is a wonderful space for deep reconnection to oneself, to others and to surrounding nature.

We walk bare feet every morning and throughout most of the day. We drink fresh water from the nearby spring and much of our food comes from the land and community that host us. We live by nature’s rhythms of day and night, sun and rain, growth and decay. We laugh, eat, play, work together and we enjoy solitary silence as well. We greet deers, squirrels, pheasants, woodpeckers, snakes, lizards, crickets, butterflies and snails every day. We enjoy what nature gives us and we learn what to add to those gifts with our actions, with as little harm as possible.

Gugu provides us a space for inner and collective dialogue and reflection. A practice of clarity, healing, healthy living and joy.




Campaign Countdown: 5 days left. Support learning & sharing.

There are 5 more days for you to contribute to our crowdfunding campaign (click here).  We are deeply grateful to the 23 supporters so far! 

We will post for each of the remaining days a reason why you could support a unique project developing in Western Romania.

Today, No. 1 – Learning and sharing 

We started our experiments with permaculture three years ago and our natural building project last year. Our experiments with new techniques and methods are rather new to most of the country; we learn from practice and we share with others (on the web, in workshops on the site, in public meetings and talks, networking platforms etc.). Our life and work at Gugu is centered around experiential learning and sharing those lessons learned. 

Last week’s lesson: straw bale roof insulation brings excellent temperature comfort in the cottage and provides a wonderful home for mice 🙂 The straw bales were a temporary solution over the past winter. They allowed us to use the cottage during cold days. The mice were very happy to hide between the bales; they managed to chew one of the waterproof sheeting and that (combined with us accidentally puncturing the top waterproof layer in two places) resulted in a leak during the last heavy rains.

Removing straw bale roof insulation

Removing straw bale roof insulation

We removed the bales, consolidated/fixed the two waterproof layers (the one on top being root-proof as well) and we will add the soil + vegetation this summer, to have the wonderful green / living roof we’ve been dreaming of. We’ll keep you posted.

9 days left. Mexican lunch.


There are 9 days left from our crowdfunding campaign. We are deeply gratefull for and touched by all contributions! We would appreciate if you would choose to contribute and spread the word, so that we can give it a final boost. In the meantime we are saying good bye to Jovita and Florence (volunteers for ten days) by having a delicious Mexican lunch. Thank you hips, your help in preparing the garden and overall presence and creativity was priceless. The Gugu-shower place you created – fabulous. Safe journeys ahead! We’re almost ready for the start of the constructiin season. More news, soon…

Ai vrea sa ai o Gugu – experienta vara asta? (fals anunt de voluntariat)

IMPORTANT: Ai vrea sa sprijini campania noastra internationala de strangere de fonduri? (Clik aici). Poti contribui acum si da mesajul mai departe. Multumim!

Noi nu bem Ayahuasca. Nu mancam ciuperci pentru a face calatorii spirituale – sau cel putin nu ne-a iesit pana acum 🙂 daca vii la Gugu nu vei avea garantat o traire exta-corporala (dar nici nu excludem posibilitatea).

Proiectul de la Gugu are o dualitate importanta: creste din munca voluntara si ii imbogateste zilnic (trairi, cunostinte, experiente, invataminte) pe cei care il sporesc. O experienta numa’ buna de trait, cu alte cuvinte.

Am creionat asadar Gugu – calendarul (click) pana in toamna, sa poti vedea care sunt indeletnicirile fiecarei luni. Astfel, pentru luna lemnului (iunie) am avea nevoie de ajutor, alaturi de treburile normale, (si) de la oameni priceputi in dulgherie / tamplarie si instalatii electrice si sanitare.

In iulie (si poate august) va fi luna cobului. Tencuiala interioara, podea, bancuta cu masa termica pentru soba – racheta si cuptor pentru paine – toate ne asteapta sa le modelam.

In septembrie gazduim primul curs acreditat de design in permacultura (click) din vestul tarii, organizat la un pret ideal de comunitatea romana de permacultura, cu doi traineri foarte faini. Locurile sunt limitate.

Gasca Gugu 26.08.2013

Asiguram de regula mancarea (ovo-lacto-vegetariana), spatiul pentru cazare (la cort) si acces la facilitati de baza. Electricitate avem doar pentru incarcarea telefonului mobil (aduceti un cablu USB daca aveti). Uneori putem asigura transportul din Suncuius si/sau Oradea.

Cea mai de pret insa ni se pare experienta de a trai pentru cateva zile la Gugu. Poti invata cate ceva despre permacultura, padure-gradina, constructii cu cob, lemn si baloti de paie; duminicile facem mini-ateliere de transformarea conflictelor, comunicare nonviolenta, viata armonioasa si sanatoasa, Seminte de fericire (click).

Ne bucuram oricand de compania celor care rezoneaza cu ce facem si ce suntem. Te asteptam cu drag (contacteaza-ne inainte cu cateva zile).  Recomandam o sedere de minim doua nopti.

Daca doresti (valabil mai ales pentru prietenii tai straini), poti veni direct prin reteaua internationala de voluntari la ferme organice, unde suntem listati la ferma nr. 21 (click). 

Multa bucurie!

Scrisoarea a doua. Și alte două știri.

(English below)

Gugu – Știri proaspete:

1. Astăzi de la ora 18 prezentăm în Oradea proiectul de la Gugu la o întâlnire specială. Bookafe, strada Nicolae Jiga nr. 25. Vom vorbi despre ce am făcut până acum, care ne sunt planurile, posibilități de voluntariat pentru 2014 și vom răspunde la întrebări. Intrarea e liberă.

2. Mai sunt 25 de zile de campanie publică de strângere de fonduri. Am primit până acum energii și contribuții superbe, suntem profund recunoscători!

Mai avem nevoie de 90% din sumă. Ai vrea să contribui și să dai mesajul mai departe? Mulțumim mult!

3. Adina, Dan, Cezara și Marcus sunt de anul trecut membrii activi ai echipei de la Gugu. Adina scrie mai jos despre felul în care au trăit ei experiența de anul trecut:

„Eram confuzi. Eram intr-o „criza” de identitate, financiara si nu ne gaseam locul. Intr-o zi l-am sunat pe Sabin. Era la Gugu cu familia lui.
Am ajuns intr-o vineri seara numai eu si Dan – sotul meu – intr-o vizita de recunoastere. Nu intelegeam cum pot sa fie atat de fericiti doi oameni in padure, fara apa curenta si dormind in cort de 2 luni.
Ne-am mai intors de acolo dupa 3 luni – timp in care am facut de toate: am invatat ritmurile naturii, am construit, am interactionat, ne-am linistit – e terapie sa stai in natura, ni s-au reglat ritmurile, am invatat sa comunicam – nonviolent, sa ne respectam mai mult pe noi si pe semenii nostri si natura, am invatat de cat de putin are nevoie omul sa fie fericit; copilul meu cel mic Marcus a evoluat in 2 luni cat nu a facut-o acasa in jumatate de an.

Era atat de frumos! Asa ca am hotarat sa contribuim cat putem de mult si ne-am implicat si in construirea casutei de cob – nu mai vazusem asa ceva pana atunci, si in plantare si gradinarit.
Ne-am relaxat mult, am cantat in jurul focului, am atipit si am citi in hamace…si ERAM FERICITI !

Anul acesta continuam, ne extindem, facem lucruri frumose cu si pentru oameni.

Ne ajuta sa te uiti pe link-ul si filmuletul de aici (click), sa vezi ce am facut si ce ne dorim, sa contribui si sa dai mai departe mesajul la alti prieteni ai tai.

PS Te asteptam sa te implici. Este o experienta din seria celor care merita traite.


Adina (membra a echipei de la Gugu din 2013)”



Gugu – News:

1. Today from 6 pm we will present our project in Oradea. This special meeting will take place at Bookafe, 25 Nicolae Jiga Street. We will talk about what we achieved so far, what are our plans, opportunities for volunteering in 2014 and we will answer questions as well. Everyone is invited.

2. There are 25 days left from our crowdfunding campaign. We received so far superb contributions and energies, we are deeply grateful for that!

We still need 90% from the total amount. Are you willing to contribute and help spread the word? Thank you!

3. Adina, Dan, Cezara and Marcus have been active members of our Gugu team since last year. Adina describes below their experience of last Summer:

„We were confused. We were having an identity and financial crisis and couldn’t find our place. One day we called Sabin. He was in Gugu with his family.
I got there one Friday evening with my husband Dan, to check the place out. We couldn’t understand how can these people be so happy living in a little forest, without running water and sleeping in a tent for the past two months.

We returned from Gugu three months later. We did many things during that time: we learned natures rhythms, we built, we interacted, we cooled down – living in nature is really therapeutic – we learned how to communicate nonviolently, how to respect ourselves, others and nature, we learned how little does one need to be happy; my little boy Marcus grew up and evolved in two months more than he did in half a year back home.

It was so beautiful! We decided to contribute as much as we could and we got involved in building the cob cottage (doing something like this for the first time), planting and gardening. We were very relaxed, we sang around the fire in the evening, dozed off and read swinging in hammocks and …WE WERE HAPPY!

This year we continue, we expand, we do many beautiful things with and for people.

It would help us to have a look at this link (click here), see what we’ve achieved so far and what our plans are, contribute and forward the message to your friends and family who can support as well.

P.S. We invite you to visit us and get involved. It is an experience worth having!

Thank you.

Adina (Gugu team member since 2013)”

Sprijină direct proiectul nostru!

Dacă îți place ce facem la Gugu (și în alte cadre), te anunțăm cu bucurie două noutăți:

* Acasă, la Gugu, e mai  mult decât o casuță de cob sau o grădină de permacultură. Am lansat de două zile o campanie de strângere de fonduri / crowdfunding! (click aici). Banii, ca orice altă formă de energie, trebuie puși în mișcare spre locurile unde pot să contribuie la procese de schimbare. Am aprecia să sprijini campania noastră și să dai mesajul mai departe. Mulțumim frumos.

Deja avem trei persoane care au contribuit!

* Cu ocazia asta am creat un filmuleț cu povestea în imagini a proiectului nostru. Îl poți vedea mai jos:


If you like what we do in Gugu, we are happy to let you know that:

* Home, in Gugu, is more than a cob cottage or a permaculture garden. Two days ago we launched a crowdfunding campaign (click here). Money, like any other form of energy, has to flow towards the places where it can contribute to change processes. We would appreciate if you could support our campaign and spread the word as well. Thank you kindly.

There are already three contributors!

* We created a short movie for the campaign. You can watch it below:

plantare de toamnă

Vineri şi sâmbătă am avut prima rundă de plantări de puieţi: molizi şi aluni. Urmează zmeură, gard viu, ulm, carpen. Afinii şi goji îi punem în ghivece pentru anul viitor, sunt prea micuţi să fie puşi în pământ acum.

Aşteptăm deci să crească mari şi să rodească 🙂

Poze-document de la acţiunea de plantat:

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