thank you, Life!

Ne cerem scuze celor care nu înțeleg limba engleză, sperăm ca Google Translator sa facă o treabă onorabilă.

Dear friends,

It is time to celebrate!

2014 has been a very intense and rich experience in Gugu. Between April and November we were part of a big community, constantly shifting and changing:

– 19 international volunteers from WWOFF and HelpEx (minimum of 2 weeks each for most up to 6 weeks)

– 20 short term working guests

– 17 participants and 2 facilitators while hosting the first 100 hours Permaculture Design Course in Romania (in September)

– neighbors and extended community members, especially the Zece Hotare school staff

– extended family (dog Johnny and cat Portocala)

– the support of 30 contributors to our crowdfunding campaign (April – May)

Together with everyone we managed to plant many seeds of joy:

Garden wise
– started two new garden areas, using raised beds and strawbales,experimenting with improvements of soil fertility and polycultures

– transplanted 150+ forest garden seedlings into their final location, mostly nitrogen fixing shrubs and hardy perennials

-aerated, added nutrients, mulch and protect against browsing all shrubs and fruit trees on the land

Infrastructure wise
– installed the green roof

– trimmed and plastured the cob house (inside & outside)

– built the structure of a living roof in the woods for a multifunctional workshop/dining space

– expanded the temporary shed / summer kitchen

– build a permanent toilet block and humanure storage space
– built a temporary and a permanent minimal shower place
– built a cob oven (first Gugu-pizza and bread, yuhuu!)

Programme & wider community wise
– hosted the first two weeks activity programme and applied knowledge on design of the land: the100 hours Permaculture Design Course

– deepened and shared our daily mindfulness, appreciation and nonviolent communication practices

– identified and eat more than 40 wild edible plants and 10 types of wild mushrooms on the land

– further observed and worked with the land, getting insights for the grand permaculture design to work on next

Whooo….now take a deep breath 🙂 It was intense and beautiful on all accounts, spiced up with our two little girls under 3 years old.

We feel deeply grateful for everyone who contributed this year. We see how a dream that started for us ten years ago materializes more and more into a space of sharing, growth, love and celebration.

Thank you for shaping la Gugu with us and…come again 🙂 we started preparing for 2015 and winter brings us more time to write here, so stay tuned for the photos, news, insights…


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  1. T
    Dec 05, 2014 @ 11:40:20

    Big up from freezing cold hamburg heating with the afterglow from staying at yours 😉


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